The top 3 reasons why your feet hurt (and our solution).

Pain in the feet is one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if your job requires you to be on your feet a lot. However, it's even more frustrating when your feet hurt every day, but you can't find a reason or a solution for it!

In this article, the top 3 reasons why your feet are likely to hurt and a way to solve the problem will be given.


Reason #1: Excessive use

Overuse of the foot is a very common factor in foot pain, and most doctors will say the same thing.

If you're constantly on your feet, whether it's playing sports, attending social events, or even just working, it's almost inevitable that your feet will hurt at some point.

The most obvious solution in this case would be to simply put your feet up more, but we know that's not always possible. So if you're looking for a proven solution that doesn't mean simply spending time you don't have on the couch, stay tuned to the end of this article.


Reason No. 2: Blisters and calluses

For those who don't know: Blisters are fluid accumulations that generally form from excessive rubbing of the upper layers of the skin. Calluses are thickened areas of skin where dead cells accumulate over time due to pressure. Both are very painful, especially on the feet.

Blisters and calluses are both caused by improper pressure on certain areas of the foot. This is usually caused by improper footwear and can lead to significant pain if not treated early.

 Blisters and calluses

Reason No. 3: Unsuitable footwear

We touched on this in the last section, but it is a very serious issue. The most common cause of foot pain is shoes that are poorly designed and do not support the foot properly.

Some common signs that your footwear is out of whack are:

  • Your shoes are not well ventilated/have no ventilation mesh
  • You notice that your feet sweat a lot during the day
  • You are prone to ingrown toenails
  • Blisters and calluses on the feet are very common
  • Your foot pain gets worse as soon as you put on your shoes
  • The soles of your shoes are worn in strange places
  • The shoes are a little too tight or too loose
  • Your shoes make you clumsy or uncoordinated

If you notice any of these features on your shoes, there's a good chance you've invested in bad footwear.

 Unsuitable footwear

How to fix your foot pain

Fortunately, fixing your foot pain is easy. In fact, most chronic foot pain (including that caused by any of the three causes mentioned in this article) can be fixed by one simple action: replacing your footwear!

To relieve your foot pain, we recommend the SneakAir. This sneaker is designed to have excellent ventilation and fit snugly to the foot without being tight or restrictive. SneakAir is also incredibly lightweight and flexible, providing support in all the right places.

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