Breaking Rocks® winter shoes

Breaking Rocks® winter shoes

Breaking Rocks® winter shoes

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Is your wardrobe ready for winter?

As the summer months draw to a close and the temperature starts to drop, everyone starts picking out their old autumn and winter clothes - yes, that means long coats and big woolly jumpers..

But far fewer people have the perfect winter shoes ready. And if you don't have the right shoes ready, not only can you get cold and wet feet, but your whole outfit can be ruined.


We believe that a reduction in temperature never implies a deterioration in style.


If you're like most people, you're used to wearing old winter boots that are stiff, uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Not only do these types of boots give you a dozen blisters every year, but they also lack proper heel support, leading to sore and tired feet and even back problems.

If your wardrobe is full of warm clothes but lacks the perfect winter footwear, it's time to upgrade to the most luxurious winter experience. Throw out your old, uncomfortable boots and embrace our training shoes that are ready for the cold and keep your feet warm, dry and stylish at the same time.

Introducing Breaking Rock's cold-resistant high-top trainers

Winter-ready footwear that provides comfort and warmth, finished in a beautiful and luxurious way.

Our trainers are made from carefully selected materials to give you the best possible performance at a great price. Let's take a look at some of the many reasons why we are convinced that our shoes are the best option for your casual winter footwear:

Incredibly stylish with a wintry, chic look:

In recent years, we have seen sheepskin lining go from being a no-go to a fashion item that is essential in every wardrobe. Make sure you keep up to date by giving your feet our stylish fur-lined trainers. So whatever the weather, we can keep you looking good all year round.

In recent years, we have seen sheepskin lining go from being a no-go to a fashion item that is essential in every wardrobe. Make sure you keep up to date by giving your feet our stylish fur-lined trainers. So whatever the weather, we can keep you looking good all year round.

Comfortable, like walking on clouds:

Your shoes are an easy way to show off your elegant style, but too often it comes at the expense of your comfort. You can throw out your old, painful boots and say goodbye to the aches and pains and poor posture that come from poorly designed shoes.

Our shoes are designed to provide stability and full support for your feet, whether you're sitting for long periods or walking for hours. Not to mention our ultra-soft lining that makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud.

Luxuriously warm in all weathers:

The biggest challenge in winter is keeping your feet warm!

Then look no further. The soft, warm lining of our trainers is designed for even the coldest winters. You don't need ten pairs of socks to keep your feet warm. You'll never have to suffer from cold feet again when you wear our comfortable and warm shoes.

Unbeatable versatility:

Unlike stiff boots, our high-top trainers let you walk, run or do other activities in comfort and style, so you're ready for whatever winter has in store. And they come in both black and blue, so you can coordinate them perfectly with your winter wardrobe.

So when you order an extra warm pair of woolly trainers today, you'll be ready for a fantastic autumn and a wonderful winter that will be the envy of all your friends.

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That means you can get the best bargains of the season. Don't wait until it's too late. Prepare your feet to look good whatever the weather

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36 23 cm 5
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40 25 cm 7
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44 27.5 cm 10
45 28 cm 11
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wow what beautiful shoes !!!! They fit like slippers and are extremely comfortable when walking. Highly recommended. I have already ordered my second pair.

Esme Clarke


I always have problems finding good shoes. I quickly suffer from heel spurs or ankle sprains. That's why I often wear barefoot shoes, which are not always nice. With the Sneakair I have no pain. They run very comfortably from the start and go well with most clothes. I have been wearing them almost every day for 4 months. They still look great.

Amelia Young


They fit well, they look good AND THEY RUN FANTASTICLY. I ordered the green ones first...... In one word PERFECT! In the meantime I already have it in three colours.

Ottilie Collins


These shoes are very comfortable and great to walk in. My orthopaedic soles fit perfectly. I wear them all the time at work

Poppy Hill


What super shoes !!! They walk wonderfully and look great with any trousers, but you can also wear them well under a long dress.

Elsie Moore

Breaking Rocks® uses materials of the highest quality

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